Hi Everyone.
Our names are Gary and Alma. We are a husband and wife team. Gary is a qualified Homeopathic/Bowen/EFT practitioner.
I am qualified in Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Massage and EFT.
We are both very keen to share and advocate organic and natural therapies and products with others that promote good health benefits.
However we are not medical doctors.. The products and therapies listed on this website are for general advice only and are to be carried out by YOUR OWN FREE WILL. 
 YOU ALONE  must handle the responsibility of your own  personal choices.
 We endeavour to provide as accurate information as possible but of course, we do not have all the answers.
If you are currently dealing with some medical condition, we strongly encourage you to seek out medical advice from a health professional.
Please take note: We accept no responsibility or liability for any negative consequences that may arise from the information, purchases or treatments mentioned on this website. 

Please be aware that by using any information on this website, or by purchasing from this website, or from any of the affiliated links,  you are agreeing to these conditions.

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Gary & Alma
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