Stay Away From These Harmful Pollutants!


The different types of chemicals and toxins we are exposed to are enormous. To protect ourselves against the damaging effects of these we need to first of all consider the various ways we may unknowingly be contributing to our own ill health. The best place to start is within our own homes. It’s ironic that many of the products we buy to clean and sanitize our homes and our bodies and make us feel better, can actually make us sicker in the long run. So many people are visiting their regular G.P with health problems that are directly or indirectly a result of allergic type reaction to pollutants, toxins and chemicals ONLY THEY DON’T KNOW IT. Perhaps have never even considered the idea that what they are putting on their bodies or breathing in could make them sick. For example, lets look at some common ‘health hazard” ingredients that we use every day in many of our products: 

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate: This is one of the most harmful ingredients found in almost everything, including shampoo, toothpaste, soaps, shower gels, dishwashing liquid etc. It is an industrial cleaner used to degrease engines and clean garage floors. It is potentially carcinogenic (cancer causing) as it builds up in the heart, liver, lungs and brain. It can retard eye development in young children and can cause damage to the immune system therefore disabling the bodies ability to heal itself.

Propylene Glycol: This is actually an industrial anti-freeze which is a major ingredient in brake and hydraulic fluid. A build up of this product can cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage. Yet this product is an ingredient in most shampoos, conditioners and lotions even though material safety data sheets warn not to have skin contact with this substance. It can also be a strong skin irritant.

Mineral oil: Petroleum based crude oil used as a metal cutting fluid. It put an oily film on the skin suffocating and clogging the pores. Because the body eliminates toxins through the skin and the skin needs to take in oxygen, this can be potentially carcinogenic and can cause skin breakouts as well as dry skin problems. Found in many personal care products.

Aluminum: This substance is found in most deodorants as it inhibits the sweat glands to stop wetness and odour. However, continued use results in a build up of excessive aluminum in your body, which can lead to nerve damage and brain disorders.

Results of studies have shown that this can increase your chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease later on. Incidentally, Alzheimer’s disease is a relatively new disease, which has only developed during the last century.

Lauramide Dea: A partly natural but partly artificial chemical used to lather and thicken cosmetics. It is also used in dishwashing liquids and products to cut through grease. It can cause allergic reactions such as skin and scalp itching and dry hair.

Coal Tar: This is a colouring ingredient used in many hair colours and in makeup

(Listed as D & C, and FD & C colour) It can cause severe allergic reactions and headaches.

Also potentially carcinogenic.

Fluoride: This substance is probably the most known about in toothpastes and water supplies. Although the government may think there doing everyone a favour by adding fluoride to the water supplies, studies have shown that it can be an accumulative poison even more toxic than lead. Those with impaired kidney function are unable to metabolize fluoride and so the result is even more serious. Recently an article on US statistics showed that some 84% of 17 year olds had a bad tooth decay problem, this despite 50 years of fluoridation of the water supplies in the USA. So the case for fluoride being good for teeth is not very strong. The hazards outweigh the so-called benefits.

The substances above are used in so many commercial products that we buy for personal care and household cleaning. I urge you to read labels as even many of the so called “organic” products contain chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. It is also wise to avoid substances like bleach; polyurethane varnishes and solvent based products, as even the fumes from these can make us sick. Try to find solvent free paint and use acrylic varnish as this is non-toxic, water based and has no smell. Many builders are now providing “ allergy-free” products and services. If you have a problem with insect pests try to find a pest control company that uses more natural products rather than use chemical sprays. You could use a fly swat for flying bugs, if they are harmless like beetles you might like to simply pick them up with something and place them outside. Try growing citronella and thyme herbs close to the house, as these are natural insect repelling plants. You can also make your own personal insect repellant using essential oils (please see below). If you have the time it would be wise to consider making some of your own products as these are often simple to make as well as economical.